Start Saving. Stop Wasting.

What can the JouleBox™ Power Station mean to your company?

All the electricity you need

Greatly reduce your dependency on the grid. Lower your electricity costs significantly. Remain on the grid, but use the grid more for back-up. The JouleBox Power Station can produce all the electricity you’ll need. If your facility requires more power, just purchase more than one unit and wire them together.
If you need multiple units, they can be wired in the factory in a shipping container, configured for maximum efficiency. A shipping container fits seven individual power stations and produces 420kW of power. Even more can be wired together in multiple shipping containers to achieve any level of power, even a 50MW plant or more. There really is no limit.

Your own electricity.

What would it be worth to produce and monitor your own electricity? No more black outs … No more brown outs … No more equipment damage due to an erratic power supply.
The JouleBox Power Station delivers power with a 97 to 98% Power Factor and less than 5% total harmonic distortion. Your motors will last longer. Your electronics will not wear out.
It’s competitively priced and includes everything; sales tax, connection fees to your facility, delivery, installation, interconnect fees, and intertie fees. Never worry about your power company’s price increases again.

Government Incentives (USA)

Because the JouleBox Power Station is clean and renewable energy, the government offers tremendous incentives for purchasing your own power station. The incentives vary by location but when you invest in the JouleBox™ Power Station you are eligible for these incentives:
Federal Investment Tax Credits: 30%
Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs): By state
Self-generation Incentive Program (SGIP): Rebates by State
MACRS accelerated depreciation: Up to 100%
Additional State and Local rebates and tax credits vary
The Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) can provide significant income depending on your state

The Best News

The best news of all is the JouleBox™ Power Station pays for itself using the money you save on your electric bill. You have an immediate reduction in electricity charges and the purchase of JouleBox Power Stations cost about the same on a monthly basis. You make a capital investment using your operating budget. There is no real cost to own.
When one of Genergy’s representatives, calls on you, give him or her your electric bill and be sure to include all your electric costs including distribution.
We will examine your usage and kWh demand and see if you qualify for a JouleBox Power Station.