Approved and Versatile

Top Contract Manufacturers

The JouleBox Power Station is manufactured by the finest quality contract manufacturers in the world, who are ISO 9000 certified to include Baldor-ABB with six plants in the US, Marathon Electric Generators, BMZ-USA batteries, CREE and ProDrive electronics, Beckwith Intertie Grid Protection equipment as well as ABB Switchgear and transformers.

Scalable Electric Power

One of the greatest economical advantages of the JouleBox Power Station is its ability to be modular and scalable. No matter how large or small your current operation is, there is full customizability to fit your needs by simply adding or subtracting Stations. This means you are only paying for the exact amount of power you need, no more, no less.

Global Government Incentives

Throughout the world, countries are establishing attractive incentive programs for the development and use of clean and renewable energy. This translates into enormous tax credits for the end-user, making the JouleBox Power Station an affordable option for all types of commercial users.

Power Anywhere

The second largest advantage of using the JouleBox Power Station is the ability to use it anywhere. Whether you are 300 miles from the nearest common power grid or right in the middle of a large metropolis, as long as there is enough square feet, there is the opportunity to have independently produced electricity.