Industry Superior Insulation

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Genergy Systems is proud to offer superior insulation products that our competitors just can’t match

Substantial Thermal Lag Qualities

  • The ICMU Wall System provides a thermal lag of more than 65 hours with the 10” ICMU as compared to 12 hours using a standard 10” concrete block our 2 hours if you chose to utilize studded walls with traditional insulation
  • Seasonal heating/cooling costs are decreased by more than 50%
  • Decreased wear on heating/cooling equipment due to reduced thermal cycling, which translates into decreased maintenance costs

Maximum Thermal Stability and Environmental Safety

  • Insulation does not settle, thus keeping its insulating value even when wet
  • The insert is made of Expanded Polystyrene or other superior insulation products
  • The insulation is non-toxic and free of formaldehyde, meaning your family and pets are safe from toxic chemicals
  • There are no hydro-fluorides (CFCs) used in the production of the EPS inserts, contributing to a healthier atmosphere

ICMU Wall System Features a Continuous Insulation

  • The EPS extending ¼” from the top of the block and 3/16” on the sides provide full vertical and horizontal mortar insulation
  • The ICMU forms a continuous barrier against heat, cold, moister, wind, dust and sound for the life of the building

Improved Sound Deafening Properties

  • We use an Expanded Polystyrene that is highly resistant to sound wave transmission. Thus, it shuts out street and industrial noises
  • Our units are rated at a sound transmission class of 53, ensuring the quietest of work atmospheres

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