Climate Change and Renewable Energy

June 16th, 2014 | News, Uncategorized | No Comments

Climate Change Focuses Need of Renewable Energy

Recently, the U.S. National Climate Assessment report has stated that streets in coastal cities are flooding easier than before, and the hotter, drier weather in the West is also attributing to an earlier start of the wildfire season. Additionally, the report also states that every region of the nation is already realizing some effects of climate change.

What Does This Have to Do with Renewable Energy?

With fossil fuels becoming ever more evident as the source of our problems with a deteriorating climate and environment it is now more important than ever to utilize the power of renewable energy in our homes and offices. By implementing renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind generation, geothermal and advanced building materials we as a society can help alleviate our ecological foot print, ensuring our wonderful planet remains habitable for generations to come.

What Can I Do?

If you feel alone in this struggle, don’t worry. Odds are you are just like everybody else, unsure of what to do and how you can make a difference. Luckily, here at ACT Renewable, we specialize in getting our customers on the fast track reducing their environmental impact and also saving them money at the same time.

A great first step may be retrofitting your current household with a solar powered hot water heater, or even adding a few photovoltaic solar cells to your roof to absorb the sun’s rays during the day to offset peak energy demands during the evening.

What Can ACT Do to Help?

At ACT Renewable we take great pride in offering only the best, ecologically friendly, affordable green energy solutions available. Our flagship product line, The ULTOMEGA structure is an efficient building structure that protects your home or office from the environment, ensuring that your energy costs remain low and you have done your part to protect our environment.

We also specialize in providing custom tailored green energy solutions including wind power, solar power and geothermal. By implementing just one or even coupling all of these eco-friendly systems together you are doing your part of protecting this beautiful planet as well as saving yourself money in the long run through renewable energy resources.

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