About Us

Genergy Systems is remaking the energy grid structure of the United States by working with large consumers of electricity to produce the energy they consume on their own property and on their own terms. The company is focused on designing independent clean energy solutions including The JouleBox Power Station for midsize and small communities and the owners of corporate parks. Clean, safe on premise production of electricity enables our customers to reduce their use and dependence upon the countries vulnerable and aging energy grid.   Clean, on premise production of electricity will stem and drive down the costs required to upgrade aging energy plants and the need to build new fossil burning and nuclear energy generation.

Genergy Systems calls their model for the energy future of America, Clear Energy Solutions and Systems™ (CESS). By installing low cost, tested and reliable clean energy generation on unused parcels of open land, rooftops and mounted on simple structures erected over parking lots, customers can directly produce energy for their own use or for sale into the grid at a profit.

Clean, sustainable and efficient energy production that reduces greenhouse gases should be the goal of every community and every responsible corporate property owner for a safer, cleaner and more secure energy future.